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June 2019: Published on Medium, THE ROCK: A REFLECTION ON RACISM

"It is perhaps 1970. I am playing peekaboo with a little girl with black pompon pigtails and very dark skin under the divide between our two mothers in the dressing room at JCPenney in downtown Benton Harbor. We giggle at each other. I think her smile is beautiful. I think we could be friends. My mother makes me stop, a harsh whisper between teeth. Perhaps hers does, too." Keep reading...

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February 2019:

Kim Jorgensen Gane is featured on the Planned Parenthood Tumblr
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September 2018: In the lead up to the midterms, Kim and her husband Scott appear in a commercial by which calls out

Fred Upton for not being the congressman he once was.


Upton promised constituents he would not vote for Trumpcare without coverage for preexisting conditions. Kim calls him the #8BillionDollarCongressman because he ended up voting with Trump (as he does some-96% of the time) after he alone brokered the sellout

Upton Amendment deal to include a piddling $8 billion dollars for preexisting conditions protections. Activists inspired an historic thumbs down from John McCain, which stopped Trumpcare.

Thirty-two years is ENOUGH. 

July 30, 2018: Kim Jorgensen Gane is quoted in Detroit Metro Times article, How Planned Parenthood Plans to Fight Back in the Age of Trump


July 2018: Power of Pink, Detroit


Representing the leadership council for Planned Parenthood's National Speakers Bureau, Kim shared her Motherhood is Complicated story at the Cobo Center in Detroit for #PowerOfPink2018. She was honored with a standing ovation from the almost 2000 attendees representing every state in the U.S. Even more thrilling was introducing former Planned Parenthood president and ROCKSTAR Cecile Richards! I said, "When I met our guest of honor in D.C. in April, I handed her my business card and said 'When you run for office, I want to work on your campaign.' And I listened to her book (Make Trouble) on Audible, so we're basically best friends." She later shared our photo on Instagram, saying, "Meet my friend Kim Jorgensen Gane." It was thrilling to hang out in the greenroom with Cecile and Debbie Stabenow and all the other presenters. WOW! What a summer! Kim also took part on a panel about activism the Planned Parenthood Advocates of Michigan way.


Working across generations is incredibly powerful in the fight for reproductive justice and economic equity. 


#PKSJBH - May 2016

Sadly, the recording is cut off at the beginning:

"In the early fall of 2001, my husband Scott and I were relieved our two tween girls had just started back to school after surviving our 3rd summer..."

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#PKSJBH - Sept 2017

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Half a standing ovation is better than no standing ovation.

Seems about half the crowd didn't appreciate Kim's honesty sharing her own #MeToo moments before the Weinstein news broke. We were watching What Happened though, and it was all too familiar.

July 2016: Essay published on The Honeyed Quill in response to

an emergency call for compassionate #LinkYourLife posts, 

This is why Girls Don't Tell.

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2014 - 2017: Kim was cast in the national live storytelling show Listen to Your Mother, Northwest Indiana in 2014, and went on to produce and co-direct (with Beth Haire-Lewis) a local Southwest Michigan version of the show in 2015, 2016 & 2017.

What If I'd said, "Just drive?"

Trigger Warning: Mothering Boys

2015: Kim joined Doreen Guma, Ruth Curran, MS, and Michael K. Waterman for the Empower Half Hour podcast.

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February 2013: I just can't seem to let go of my original website, It's good to go back to early writing, to things that feel like they happened in an earlier life.

I was such a different person when I wrote this post for August McLaughlin's Beauty of A Woman BlogFest, The Beauty of Women Friends. I was at a vastly different place in my life than I am now, however my philosophy about women and our friendships holds up. The friendships I'm referring to here have evolved as our kids have aged and families have moved out of the area, but this playgroup saved my sanity. And the people are still precious.