Mother Feminist:

Raising Ourselves

and the

Men We Fall For

A Love Story

Inspired by current events, particularly the discourse and "alternate facts" brandied about in the weeks leading up to and including the Kavanaugh confirmation, his swearing in, and the current adminstration's perpetual and mystifying war on women, I'm curating essays for inclusion in the book I've been working on, Mother Feminist: Raising Ourselves and the Men We Fall For. The book takes my September 2017 PechaKucha presentation (Mother Ffffeminist), and asks us to go beyond the #MeToo stories, beyond complaining and arguing about the state of our country and the state of our family relationships, dig deeper, and help influence a healthier future that doesn't pit men and women against one another. One that doesn't normalize male relationships formed around humiliating women. One that imagines men holding one another accountable. One in which the most vulnerable among us aren't targets for sexual assault and bullying. One in which the devastating prevalence of intimate partner violence, school shootings, gun violence in our communities and police shootings no longer define our times. In short, when women prosper our families do. So how do we reimagine a world in which women are represented equally and they're actually given the tools for themselves and their families to prosper?


I’m looking for essays that explore your visceral reaction to the title. How does it make you feel? What does it make you think about IN THESE TIMES? It’s about our own history (so yes, your personal experiences including the #MeToo moments are important to include, as long as you feel safe doing so), raising daughters (raising ourselves, our mothers, sisters...), and it’s about our fathers, our brothers, our husbands, our past romances, our sons and possibly how the men in our lives evolve (or not, ahem) through our influence. YOUR words, your thoughts, your experience, including explorations about gender, race, sexuality, religion, immigration status, ability and socioeconomic differences, etc.


I'm crowd sourcing from my vast mother network (and from those who are not mothers: I'm happy to hear from aunts, sisters, as well as men who want to help raise healthier future generations) to make this book happen. I’m feeling a great urgency about getting it out into the world. I know beyond anything else that my circle of influence is a loving, socially aware, and thoughtful bunch. I know that you will make me and our readers examine the world we inhabit in new and inspiring ways. More than anything, I know that together we will heal the world. My own essays and observations will be threaded around and between your contributions, including thoughts and ideas on how we can rise together. 

If you would like to contribute, please send your essay (up to 2000-ish words, this is negotiable as long as your essay is tight and well edited, and short works including poetry or spoken word are welcome, too) in finished form embedded in the body of an email to kjgane(at)ganepossible(dot)com with the subject line: Mother Feminist Contribution from [YOUR NAME]. Deadline is the end of December 2018. Your work will be subject to editing. I will work with you to ensure I (or my editor) do your words justice. Please include with your submission: 1) your name as you would like it to appear, 2) a short bio, and 3) a current head shot. As long as you own the rights, previously published articles and blog posts will be considered as long as they are topical. Please disclose if the work you are submitting has appeared elsewhere.


Obviously I have no idea what sort of response I will get to this request, so I cannot guarantee your essay will be included in the finished book.  


Because there isn't anyone in my family or yours I want less for, from the bottom of this mother's heart, I thank you.

Women are not the enemy. We are the answer.


--Kim Jorgensen Gane