You do not have to be a mom to be a Mother Feminist. You just have to want equality for the sons and daughters of today and tomorrow, regardless of race, socioeconomic status or any other factors. And to believe that you are a part of the solution to help make it happen.
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Kim writes about the intersection of feminism, racism and motherhood.


A cast member and then local producer and co-director of the national live storytelling show and movement Listen to Your Mother (southwest Michigan), Kim is an author, speaker, and activist who recently ran for public office. Kim spent much of 2018 on the leadership council for Planned Parenthood's Storytellers Bureau, traveling to D.C. twice and throughout Michigan advocating for not just reproductive rights, but reproductive and economic justice. 


Kim is every mom. She’s been a young single mom, a married "mature" stay-at-home mom, girl mom, stepmom, boy mom, working mom, and aunt-mom. She and her husband Scott have raised a generation of girls to married adulthood, and they are now raising two high school-aged boys, one of whom is their nephew. 


Mother Ffffeminist, she’s got a lot to say about motherhood, marriage, what feminism really means, racism, and how the sexes can come together to heal the divides in our current hyper-sexualized political and social climate. You don’t have to agree, but you really should hear her answers to questions like, why did an estimated five million men and women around the world march on January 21st?


You might just discover that we’re really not as far apart as the “sides” want us to believe.

Kim's book in progress is Mother Feminist: Raising Ourselves and the Men We Fall For.

"If I were getting my master's degree, it would be in women's and gender studies, and this would be my life's thesis."

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Kim is an inspiring speaker across a broad range of topics. They include: marriage and relationships, empowering women, writing, feminism/equality, the intersection of motherhood and being a sexual assault survivor as well as the intersection of reproductive justice and economic justice, racism, social media, and building community.

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Single Mom to Stepmom; Girl Mom to Boy Mom...


Stay-at-home mom to working mom; mom of one-boy-still-at-home to adding a live-in nephew and becoming a mother-in-law, squared. There isn't one person in this photograph I want LESS for.


Including myself.